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Produzione: La Città Incantata in collaborazione con Effendemfilm

Durata: 56’

Regia: Filippo Ticozzi

Soggetto: Filippo Ticozzi

Camera e suono: Filippo Ticozzi

Montaggio: Filippo Ticozzi

Musica: Washington Phillips

Formato di ripresa: HD

Formato di proiezione: DCP, Hd, .Mov, Blu Ray, DVD

Karine is a professional embalmer. As the one in charge of freezing life in an inert body, every day is a battle for perfection and against death.

Chasing The Wind. The days of an embalmer

She is one of the best at that job. She thinks herself as a gambler playing with the decease. She tries to steal some moments from death, before nothingness.

But this game could end up becoming an unattainable pursuit of the perfection.


Best Mid-Length Documentary Cinema Verité Iran International Documentary Film Festival-International Competition, Premio Speciale della Giuria Salerno DOC .



Visions du Réel-Compétition Internationale Moyens Métrages, Filmmaker Festival-Prospettive, Euganea Film Festival-Competizione Internazionale Documentario, LongLake Festival-Panorama, Pärnu International Film Festival-International Competition, Genova Film Festival-Concorso Documentari, Visioni Fuori Raccordo-Concorso, Mitreo Film Festival-Concorso Documentari, Depaysements/Spaesamenti Rencontres Frontières et Cinèma Documentaire, DOC/IT AWARDS, Cinema On The Bayou Festival, Full Frame Documentary Film Festival-NEW DOCS, Festival Cinema Zero-Raccontare il Reale, Festival della Laicità, FilmTv Lab.