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running time: 52’

year of production: 2020

country: Italy

shooting format: 4K (4:3)

screening format: DCP, file, blu ray, dvd

language: Italian

sutitles: English

with Lucio Pat Foster and Davide La Greca

written and directed by Filippo Ticozzi

produced by Effendemfilm and Noctuary Entertainment

music: Johann Sebastian Bach performer by: Cristina Aristofasei e Marco Pentaschi

camera and lights: Filippo Ticozzi

sound: Davide Bollini, Stefano Conca Bonizzoni

editing: Filippo Ticozzi


Davide e Lucio live bondage as a discipline, a research, an obsession. Rarely they get out because their home is a kind of universe where they can be themselves, forgetting what expects them outside.

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