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C'era Una Volta La Terra - TRAILER
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Cinema al Maxxi, Slow film fest, Molise Cinema, Rassegna del Documentario Archeologico di Licodia Eubea. Festival Internazionale del Cinema NatuRurale

Aboard a ghost train, the "Siberian of Italy", a writer died 65 years ago, comes back in the places of his childhood, bringing as luggage only the words inspired by his own land.

A teacher of geography devotes his time to oversee his own territory as a sentinel, travelling with his camper to the sites marked by environmental wounds.

A herd of 300 cows, led by a dozen herdsmen, walks for 180 km to reach the summer retreat and, in its Transhumance, an ancient myth of the Italics, the Ver Sacrum, back to life.

A young boy, determined not to leave his own country, unlike many of his peers, works the fields from morning to night, maneuvering and driving any type of agricultural machine.

Two brothers from Punjab, emigrated to Italy, work in a farm that houses inside a hostel for immigrants.

A journey between past and present, in the footsteps of the writer Francesco Jovine (1902-1950), to document a land of the South of Italy, the Molise, and, at the same time, to talk about the Earth to which we are all related.

Director: Ilaria Jovine, Roberto Marinotti

Producer: Federico Minetti

Editor: Roberto Mariotti

Voce narrante: Neri Marcorè

Production: Effendemfilm srl,  Ilja film

Durata: 75

Video: HD, 16/9

Year: 2017

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